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Love the software. I am looking at the AFA V5.0 demo, and it works like a dream.

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[iAFA V1.0] An accessible, easy to use tool and a comprehensive companion to Arcad's PC software. The features are simple to navigate without compromising on the range of options. I particularly appreciate the depth of customization, down to the language selection. I am yet to come across any glitches or bugs - considerable accomplishment for a new app. Overall, very satisfied and would highly recommend the software and app both.

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We were able to use the program [AFA v4.1] to do the Arc Flash calculations & labels for our project which ended up with about 65 Labels. [...] The program worked great. Also, we appreciate that you have been available by phone to answer all our questions.

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Great resource! Arcadvisor is the only site I have found to address the area of DC arc-flash. I have used the calculations to help determine the incident energy of a DC photovoltaic field.

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Thanks for taking the pain out of that arc flash mess! Your site was the only one that made sense to me.

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November 19, 2008 -  Softpedia Editorial Team
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I have found your website very useful and used it for arc flash hazardous calculation.

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This info looks really good.

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I think this is a useful tool for electrical engineers and anyone responsible for setting up a factory's electrical distribution diagram. Calculating prospective fault levels is a requirement under IEE Regs and I am sure this tool will make the job much easier. I have no association with this company.

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This new method is great. You dont need expensive software to calculate short circuit currents. You can do that in a very simple way. I like it.

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Just wanted to tell you that I appreciate very much your information and efforts taken to share knowledge. I am only a technician but I understand the calculations and they help me make protection settings for the Engineer's approval. Thanks again.